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Pure Biologics w top 10 firm biotechnologicznych w Polsce!

Bardzo dziękujemy za docenienie naszej pracy i umieszczenie nas w top10 wiodących firm biotechnologicznych w Polsce!

These are the top 10 biotechnology companies at the forefront of Poland’s emerging biotech sector, which is becoming a hotspot for startups.

Over the last decade, Poland has seen the rise of its biotech industry. While the country’s pharmaceutical industry has traditionally focused on developing generics, many of these companies have started moving towards developing biologics. Meanwhile, biotech startups in Poland are working on developing brand new technologies, with a big focus on treatments for cancer and autoimmune disease.

As the country sums success stories in its biotech sector, more and more academics and entrepreneurs have been encouraged to take the leap and start a business in Poland’s flourishing biotech industry. We got in touch with experts to collect the names of the 10 companies at the forefront of the country’s promising biotech industry.

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